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Gulf Coast Exposure Softball Camp
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 Gulf Coast Exposure Camp

The Gulf Coast Exposure Camp will be a two day camp that will feature experienced coaches from all college softball ranks. The camp will highlight both defense and offense including live game situations.
This camp is designed to help you take your game to the next level while having the opportunity to expose your skills to the top collegiate coaches. Camp is open to any and all entrants limited to graduating classes 2019-2024.
Upcoming Camps

Due to the on-going concerns of Coronavirus, the 2020 Gulf Coast Exposure Camp will unfortunately not take place.   The Camp will return August of 2021.  Sorry for the news but the concerns of travel and the availability to get all the College Division Coaches in attendance has led us to the decision.  Our goal is to always provide the best product we can for the money and this year we feel we can’t deliver on that goal.  Therefore, we wish you all the best in pursuing your dreams of playing College Softball and we hope to see you at our 2021 Camp.

Thank you very much.



*** Disclaimer: During our camp we will be taking pictures of many activities.
All images will be available for camp use in advertising for this and future camps. ***